Located in the heart of District 3, built with a total floor area of 12,562m² with 4 floors, 02 basements, including 10 convention venues as well as banquets and wedding receptions. Therefore, the center can serve over 2000 guests or 1400 guests in luxurious weddings. Especially, with 2 basements can accommodate more than 600 motorcycles and the surrounding space widely keep motorcycles, cars absolutely safe and convenient.



With a trained chefs team with many years of practical work experience in culinary settings, every dish on the menu here is selected and processed  with the most subtle elements with which we are completely confident to bring you the most delicious, hearty and impressive party. 


Welcome to the Wedding Album, you can find the wedding photos of relatives and friends through our website.


With harmonious modern architecture located in a cool campus, with spacious car parking, romantic space filled with delicate decoration with rich menu, the professional, enthusiastic will bring you a truly sparkling and luxurious wedding.

272 Vo Thi Sau, Distric 3, HCM City
Phone: (84-28) 39349991- 39349991
Fax: (84-28) 39349993
Email: sales@trungtamhoinghi272.com.vn